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Wilmington Primary School

Wilmington Primary School


Assessment in primary schools was reformed in 2016 and a new expected standard has been created which reflects a higher standard than that in 2015. Results are no longer reported as levels; each child receives their test results as a scaled score from 80 -120. This in turn is read alongside an attainment measure of the 'expected standard' in a given curriculum area.

In order to achieve the Expected Standard for Year 6, a pupil must have a scaled score of 100 or more in reading and mathematics; and have been teacher assessed in writing as ‘working at the expected standard’ or ‘working at greater depth within the expected standard’.
In order to achieve the Higher Standard at the end of Key Stage 2, a pupil must have a high scaled score in reading and high scaled score in mathematics; and have been teacher assessed in writing as ‘working at a greater depth’. A high scaled score refers to scores of 110 and over.

Wilmington Primary School’s KS2 outcomes for 2017 are detailed below, alongside the national average for comparison.

KS2 SATs Results 2018

Children achieving expected standard or above 

  Reading             Writing               Maths                   GPS                         Combined      
Wilmington 67% 87% 53% 60% 47%
National 71% 76% 75% 77% 61%

 Average progress

  Reading                          Writing                           Maths                              
Wilmington        -3.2 0.7 -4

Averaged scaled scores

  Reading                          Maths                           GPS                  
Wilmington        103 101 102
National 104 104 106

Children achieving a higher level of attainment



Maths                               GPS  
Wilmington      20% 27% 13% 17%
National 25% 18% 23% 31%


School Performance Tables